This fall I’ve had the pleasure of working with Made Here MN to produce a piece for their Reflections showcase. This was undoubtably the largest scale I’ve worked on and it was equally challenging and rewarding.

The moon has shown up in several aspects of my work over the years and this was no exception. I combined my love of the moon and the recent work I’ve been doing with birch plywood and screen printing.

Each 30″ phase of the moon has been hand cut out of 3/4″ birch plywood, stained and hand printed. I am thrilled with the way that the wood grain and imperfections in the surface add their own character to the lunar landscape.

This showcase hangs through March 31, 2016. Please stop by to see it and take the entire tour to see the rest of the incredible works around the city.

Showcase129_gillianmclaughlin_NewMoonsInTheAlley_photocreditStevenLang_2 Showcase129_gillianmclaughlin_NewMoonsInTheAlley_photocreditStevenLang_1

Photo credits : Steven Lang