Hi there! I’m excited to finally be able to take on some projects that seemed impossible in the past. You want one shirt? You got it. You want to print on some leather and sew it into wallets? Cool, me too. You want to send out some bad ass ‘save the dates’ for your wedding? I’m down, let’s do it. Basically, I’m saying, yes, let’s try it all.

I run a pretty old school print shop, nearly everything is done by hand and that’s how I like it. Over the years I have added some other services that make me a little different than some other printers. I’m happy to offer the following services to each and every one of you.

  • Mobile / Live printing services
  • traditional screen printing for textiles, paper, and basically anything that fits on the press
  • tag and label sewing/replacement
  • buttons!
  • cut and sew apparel services
  • full design capabilities
  • embroidery – hand and machine
  • packaging/distribution
  • delivery!
  • smiles and maybe beers

In short, let’s get to work, I can’t wait.

gillian mclaughlin

_the bitter buffalo